Mixtapes you Should have

Ghostmode here and imma lay some links to some tapes you need. if your into that shit.

First up is



IAMSU-$Uzy 6 $Peed

Young Thug-1017 Thug
this tape is a guilty pleasure for sure.


Ep 14 – The Breaks

In this ep, we appologize for our lengthy break between episodes with a review of The One DJ software, talk about Kids Bop Drops, the return of the red backwards hat, discuss future Trainwreckers world domination plans and of course, let you know whats hot in the streets.


Music: Uncommon Sense – Breaker / Nix – / KidLogic – Dats Dope Badmon

Bassadelic Birthday Mix by KidLogic

Our friends over at Bassadelic have been bangin the keys for a year strong, and asked KidLogic to drop a mix to help them celebrate!  New tunes by KidLogic mixed with some old jungle favorites remixed into juked out footwork styles form Phillip D Kick, Skanx, Sideswipe, Homesick and BLVCKLIGHT… click the link below to check it out!


Sublime – Summertime
KidLogic – Woman That’s Ruffa
DJ Manny – All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)
DJ Spinn – She Turnt Up
KidLogic – Big Butt
DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Over There (Gettin’ It)
DJ Earl – Set It Off
Kode9 – Kan
KidLogic – Oval Red
KidLogic – Gob’s Aztec Tomb
Happa – Beat Of The Drum (Throwing Snow Remix)
DLX – Get Back
Sound of the Future – Lighter (Phillip D Kick Remix)
Q Project – Champion Sounds (Phillip D Kick Remix)
Shy FX & UK Apachi (Homesick Footwork Remix) – Original Nuttah
Remarc – Drum and Bass Wise (Skanx Footwork Jungle Remix)
Optical – Moving 808s (Plot Twist’s +808 mix)
Calculon & Austin Speed – Back The Fuck Up
KidLogic – Menace
DJ Manny – Hyperlife
Wellbelove – Questions
DMZ – Anti War Dub (BLVKLGHT Juke Remix)
Roni Size & Represent – Brown Paper Bag (Sideswipe Edit)
DJ Manny – The Funky Beat

Ep 3 – Skweee! and guest Hew Francisco

We back! In this episode we attempt to educate about skweee with the help of our first ever in-studio guest, Ausland Schlage’s Hew Francisco aka Frankie B. We also rap about board-sports, calling music EDM vs Electronic Dance Music vs Dance Music and how stupid and necessary genres can be, and of course, what’s hot in the streets. If you like us, tell a friend and toss us an iTunes review!

Episode 5 – The Starpilot's KickStarter with Guest Kielen King!

Huge episode this time around, we welcome Kielen King aka PwnTony aka The Starpilot to talk about his Hip-hop-Sci-fi concept albums, using Kickstarter to fund a release, and more as well as touching on the Al Walser Grammy weirdness and of course whats hot in the streets. We also review our first listener tune, sent in by PDX’s own Albino Gorilla. As always tell a friend or leave us an iTunes review if you’re diggin what we’re doin!