Ep 3 – Skweee! and guest Hew Francisco

We back! In this episode we attempt to educate about skweee with the help of our first ever in-studio guest, Ausland Schlage’s Hew Francisco aka Frankie B. We also rap about board-sports, calling essay-smart.com music EDM vs Electronic Dance Music vs Dance Music and how stupid and necessary genres can be, and of course, what’s hot in the streets. If you like us, tell a friend and toss us an iTunes review!

Episode 5 – The Starpilot’s KickStarter with Guest Kielen King!

Huge episode this time around, we welcome Kielen King aka PwnTony aka The Starpilot to talk about his Hip-hop-Sci-fi concept albums, using Kickstarter to fund a release, and more as well as touching on the Al essaysglobal.com Walser Grammy weirdness and of course whats hot in the streets. We also review our first listener tune, sent in by PDX’s own Albino Gorilla. As always tell a friend or leave us an iTunes review if you’re diggin what we’re doin!

KidLogic – Remixed In Oregon Teaser Mix

Ive been talking about it for the last few episodes, here’s a little taste of whats on the remix ep Ill be posting in a few days, all neatly mixed into a nice 5 minute package.  100 Downloads available via SoundCloud.  I called it Remixed in Oregon as a subtle callback to the last time I did EssayswebBased something like this, the California Remixed EP. Let me know what you think in the comments and check out the podcast!

Ep 4 – Its the P-Tot Festival!

Its episode 4, where we talk about how much music there is left in the universe, there is no creativity in music / music is better than ever, it was better back in the day, raves, footwork and of course whats hot in essaysweb-based.com the streets. Sorry about the background noise from the heater, we in a basement! We want to hear from you… hit us up with tunes, comments, questions or whatever… Next week, the Star Pilot joins us in studio…

The TrainWreckers – Episode 1 – “Next Level Legos”

Not quite a new episode, but new to our brand spanking new website!  Take a listen to ‘Next Level Legos’ and get to know our crew as we talk shit about Trap, loop construction thewritingessay.com kits and paint by numbers production programs, and of course what’s hot in the streets.  Music provided by Lurky, KidLogic, Slurgeon and Ghostmode. Links in the comments…